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Escape to La Casa Pergola & Enjoy a Little Taste of Italy!

With our old world charm and stylish atmosphere you can relax and enjoy the Italian experience. Gather friends and celebrate with fabulous food and great wines from around the world, or steal away for a romantic rendezvous.  
We have passion for Food and only with best will do. We prepare each dish with fresh, wholesome ingredients, each dish is prepared for you.  We are sensitive to Allergies, Gluten Free and other Concerns.  Since our food is real and prepared in house we can accomodate your dietary needs.!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Dress Code at La Casa Pergola?

We strive to present an upscale dining experience however that does not mean that you need to arrive in a suit or an evening dress. Business casual is the key and yes unripped jeans are acceptable. We do require patrons to remove their head-wear upon entering the dining room.

Can I Bring My Own Wine?

Yes, we do allow patrons to bring their own wine at a charge of $25.00 per bottle plus GST. As well we limit the customer(s) to bringing a maximum of three (3) bottles of wine per visit.

Are Children Allowed at La Casa Pergola?

While we don’t discourage patrons from bringing their children we do stress that La Casa Pergola is committed to providing an adult atmosphere and thus would appreciate that if children are present their parent(s) or supervisor(s) adhere to that notion and make sure that the children conduct themselves accordingly. As well if an upset baby is present we require their parent(s) or supervisor(s) to remove them from the dining room until they have calmed down. We do not allow person(s) under the age of 18 to be present in Amici’s lounge.

Do You Take Reservations?

Yes, we do and we encourage patrons to make reservations on any night of the week and this includes lunches as well. Of course reservations are not mandatory however we can fill to capacity very quickly and want to insure that everyone is accommodated.

You can easily make reservations by calling the restaurant directly at 403-342-2404.

Do You Allow Take Out and/or Have a Delivery Service?

Yes, we can do take out orders at anytime however the length of time can vary depending upon the order and how busy it is at that current moment.
Does La Casa Pergola Have a Private Room?
Yes, we do and our room is called “La Sala”. La Sala seats a maximum of 25 people depending on the formation of the tables.
6 separate tables = 25 people
1 large square formation = 20 people
1 horseshoe formation = 16 people

La Sala is available for booking on any day or night of the week (holidays excluded) pending availability. There is a $100.00 non refundable booking fee for La Sala and depending upon the day of the week and number of people there can be additional room charges.

(403) 342-2404
4909 48 Street, Red Deer, Alberta, T4N 1S8, Canada
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